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The Sustainable Standard - Delivering Social Value Through Demolition

Being experts in what we do is not enough for us. We recognise that we have a responsibility to our clients, our people and society to deliver social value. As a result, we run our business around the umbrella of 'The Sustainable Standard'.

This isn't just a strapline, it gets to the heart of who we are as an organisation, what we aim to achieve and how we operate. Through years of operation, we have refined our ways of working and are focused on continual improvement and making a positive impact on all our stakeholders.

To ensure we do set the standard, we have adopted five key sustainability pillars. By applying focus to each of these areas and ensuring our people live by these values we continually improve the service we deliver to clients and the impact we have on peoples' lives. Find out about each pillar below.

Health & Safety isn't just a tick box exercise. It has a direct impact on people's lives and so we take it seriously.

All site staff undertake training on a regular basis, procedures are put in place at the beginning of a project and regularly reviewed by our group HSE Manager throughout, ensuring continual compliance. We also hold the ISO 45001 H&S standard, providing external testament to our approach.

Alongside technical and behavioural safety we are committed to supporting the mental well-being of our teams and have a team of mental health first aiders and other support resources available to all staff.

People are at the heart of what we do. Relationships with clients, between our team members and everyone we work with. By working in collaboration with clients we ensure the best project results possible are delivered. By investing in our staff, we ensure they are safe and skilled.

We also take a keen interest in supporting their mental health - especially important in an industry with a devastating level of suicides.

In addition, by looking at new ways of bringing staff on through apprenticeships and work force re-entry programmes for ex-forces personnel and ex-offenders, we know that we are contributing to the future success of the industry, society and many individuals and their families.

If we take a project on you can be assured that we will do it well. Through years of experience, regular process review and external audits we ensure that we continually enhance our ability to deliver projects to the highest quality.

This level of attention is qualified through our attainment of the ISO 9001 standard. Our track record of working with many clients on a recurring basis is great testament to our professionalism.

Through our industry engagement and desire to continually improve we are always on the look out for new innovations and new approaches we can embed in our methodologies and client services.

The world is a fragile place and we recognise our responsibility to preserve the environment for future generations. Through audits and process reviews we are always looking for ways to improve our (already excellent) recycling rates, reduce carbon emissions and on-site pollution, minimise noise and odour pollution and carefully manage wildlife disruption.

We are proud to have been the first verified carbon neutral demolition organisation in the UK and continue to look for ways to further improve our impact on the environment.

To ensure we are continually reviewing our practices and are operating at the appropriate level we are proud to have achieved the ISO 14001 environmental standard.

By positively engaging with the communities in which we work, we hope to leave a positive mark behind. Initiatives include educational outreach with schools, community sponsorship and charitable initiatives, events and activity days and interactive community days.

Positive engagement not only builds the reputations of us and our clients, but also equips people with new skills, knowledge and inspiration for use in their own lives.

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