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ISO Re-Certification – Learning is Improving

- 02/09/21

At Rye Group our philosophy is to deliver the Sustainable Standard in demolition. While there are five pillars and many actions supporting this approach, the fundamental idea is that we challenge ourselves to better every day and make a positive impact everywhere we work.

Having gained three ISO certifications in 2020, we took the opportunity to build upon the processes we had put in place and learn from the recommendations our auditor presented to us.

The external perspective provided by an auditor who has reviewed many businesses across different industries was hugely helpful. We were guided to review processes that we hadn't considered for improvement and found new benefits, we identified brand new opportunities to streamline activities and deliver greater value for our clients.

Taking a step back to review how we manage various parts of the business reminded us that improvements can be made in even the most routine parts of our operation.

The ISO standards for which we were seeking re-certification in 2021 were ISO 9001, relating to quality, ISO45001, relating to occupational health and safety and ISO14001, relating to environmental matters.

In the demolition industry there is a constant need to challenge existing practice. One accident is one too many, any waste sent to landfill is too much and the need to improve the quality of our output never diminishes. We are dedicated to finding improvements in these areas across the whole business, from demolition and enabling works to civil engineering, asbestos removal and plant hire.

ISO Procedural Review

The ISO accreditation process challenges our practice both on site and in the office, ensuring there is cohesion between the two. Theory and forms look very professional on a server in the office, but are utterly useless if they aren't used in practice, on site.

Over three days in the middle of August, our auditor examined every part of the business including finance, HR, training and development, accident reporting procedures and inductions; amongst others.

If an organisation approaches re-certification as a process that is trying to catch them out, they are both mistaken and missing out on an opportunity to learn.

By working with, and listening to, our auditor over the three days we picked up new ideas to help us improve and learnt from their experience with other organisations. By being open about aspects we were unsure of, the auditor worked with us to identify ways in which we could take the next step, he wasn't there to trip us up in any way at all.

As we continue down the path of continual improvement, we are sure that this process, and the mindset it brings across the business, will help us deliver ever better demolition services to our clients and improve the experience we offer the communities in which we work.

To any business considering undertaking the ISO certification process, we thoroughly recommend it. Enter it knowing that the process will practically support you, as well as giving you the assurance that you are doing well in so many areas already.

To our clients and partners, we hope you see the continual improvement we are striving for. We are open to feedback (positive or constructive) ideas and experiences, so please do get in touch.

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